Thursday, April 3, 2008

Winning Customer Loyalty

Hi Everybody! I don't have a lot to write today -- frankly I'm swamped with orders that I need to get out....yes, one of them is probably yours!
I did want to share a very interesting blog article I read this morning that I received from Nashville Wraps. If you don't know about the company, they sell an incredible line of wrapping papers, tissues, boxes, bows, the works!
The article is about customer loyalty. While it talks about department stores and gift baskets, etc., you can substitute the words "jewelry" and "brass," "gemstones," etc., where applicable. I think it's a good article -- it's short and very much to the point. It tells how important it is to know to your customer. How important it is to know your target market. How important USA-made items are to buyers, and artist-made products, in particular. AND -- going that extra mile for them. If you do -- chances are, they will be back. I've entered the link to my "Links to Visit" bar. I hope you find it a valueable little read.
Until next time.....Pay it forward,

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