Saturday, February 7, 2009

Contest Winners, and a Few Findings

Greetings All!
It's been an interesting couple of weeks.

Let's take our Jewelry Challenge which included a little scroll-filigree ring and the beautiful shades of purple. As you will see, we had not nearly as many entries as in past events. Perhaps we all had a case of winter blues, I am not sure but entries were slow coming.

We did receive four beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry. Carol gave us a gorgeous necklace design which someone commented to me should be a necklace worn by the new First Lady. Truly -- that comment was received! Deborah created a bracelet with sweet little fleur di lis and purple ribbon. Loved it! Maureen took polymer clay, inks and other potions of her trade and made some really unique, OOAK earrings with her scroll rings. Kathy dazzled us with swingers of hoops, scrolls and gems.

All are winners! First place winners receive a $25.00 gift certificate from the Brass Bouquet. The most votes for earrings came in for Maureen. Kathy receives an Honorable Mention. Thank you all for entering and applying your gifts of creativity to this project.

MORE JEWELRY CHALLENGES AWAIT YOU! If you do like jewelry challenges. This one might intrigue you. You will receive a kit of beads, baubles and "the Muse." This kit asks you to explore what all the pieces mean to you and create something that is unique and yet based on the same materials as everyone elses!

Scarlett's "Use the Muse" Contest can be found at her website/blog: "The Beader's Muse". The cost to enter (the kit you will receive) is really reasonably priced and the prizes are incredible!

Speaking of Kits: This month, while February drags on into the winter, I am working on jewelry kits which I will soon feature at the website, The kits will come complete with all "ingredients," and complete directions for a fun and easy project.

Personally, I love kits like this especially when I'm in the mood to do something totally different than the norm but don't want to spend a fortune getting set up to do one project. It's an economical way to explore a new style or use of beads or crystals....I get one or two charms and don't need to buy 12 when I only needed the one or two to begin with. So, I'm hoping by March 1 to have a few of them posted on the website.

So....that's about it for now. Do what you can to make the world a better place. Oh yeah...and keep beading and stringing! -- Jill

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Votes are Needed!

Who would have thought?? I hold a jewelry challenge -- have good prizes to give away and we get four entries! Well, kiddies, that's what happened. Interestingly, after the jewelry challenge date closed, I began getting inquiries on how to enter, etc. But, alas too late.

I have been getting some wonderful comments about the jewelry -- more comments and votes than entries, as a matter of fact.

So, here's the deal. There's a winner for the necklace division, the bracelet division and the earring division. What happens between now is up to those readers who want to send in ( their vote on the best earrings.

We had one necklace entry. The good news is -- the necklace is GORGEOUS!! We had one bracelet entry. Again, beautiful work! Those two are winners. They've received a $25.00 gift certificate to the Brass Bouquet. Congratulations to both Carol and Deborah. Thank you for entering and making some really beautiful pieces.

Thanks to Kathy and to Maureen....again both great entries. Help me choose which is the winner on the earring entries. I'll be waiting to see your votes!

Until next time.

The earrings are still up in the air until Friday, February 6th.