Friday, April 11, 2008

Time to Smell the Roses - Or Sea Air, As it May Apply

It's important to stop and smell the roses every-so-often. Time slips by and before I know it I'm back to all work and no play. It makes Jill a dull girl! But, seriously, time is so precious, life goes by so quickly. Balance is important and getting away from "life" if even for a day or two is the best medicine I can take.

Nothing can be quite so restful and inspiring for me than sitting by the ocean, smelling that sweet, briny water and watching the seagulls sailing on the breeze. I've been having a huge hankering for the ocean. Winter will do that to me. I sit through buckets of rain it seems just waiting for a good weekend in Spring to head to the beach. It's finally arrived! A good weekend -- one that holds promise of sunny days. And I'm going to take advantage of it. Sunny weekends, in April, in Oregon, are far and few between.

I've got my beading magazines packed up (some I've not even cracked the cover of). Randy's got a good book under his arm and we are heading off to to the beach to watch life go by for a couple of days.

My nephew hasn't missed a beat either -- the minute he heard we were heading out he begged to come hang-out at our place, away from his parents. I guess at 19 I can understand the attraction. I now have to worry about parties which he has promised will not occur...he said just a friend or two. (accck!) Remember, Jill, time is short...time is short... aspirin, where's the aspirin???

When I get back, I'll be rested and ready to go at it again. My tummy will be full of seafood!

I'll have visions of sanddollars, seahorses, starfish and fishes swimming in my head -- ready to boost the website with summer-themed charms. Bead mixes which speak of ocean colors and tropical breezes and summer weddings. New chain and filigree that reflect vintage days at the seaside when ladies dressed up in their finery. See -- inspiration at the beach is a good thing.

If I can just keep my thoughts away from my 19-year-old nephew and his friends, I'll be just fine..............acccck!!!!!

Until next time: Pay it forward.

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