Friday, April 25, 2008

Stairway to Heaven

Randy's in the office today....He's playing around with downloads on his computer next to me and right now is playing "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zepplin. What a great way to start a Friday -- rockin' out! It's mind-boggling to think that at our age we're still just as young and radical in our thoughts and music tastes as we were in our 20's. As they say: "You're as young as you feel!" Anyway.....back to life!

I've been seeing the MOST incredible jewelry lately. I've been visiting websites and blogs. Friends have been sending me pictures of their jewelry. It's been fun to see what is being done with brass, beads, charms, ribbons and such. The amount of creativity is amazing. What I find best about working with findings and charms and chain is that most times nothing is can keep taking it apart and putting it back together until the look is pleasing, balanced or unbalanced as you may prefer....

A good friend, Jeni, works with assymetrical creations which are totally wow! She incorporates vintage-aged, true vintage, lots of chain and works to off-balance her jewelry so the eye can actually relax and enjoy the entire artistic creation.

Yes, jewelry is a piece of art and don't let anyone ever tell you differently. I've added a couple of pictures here so you can see her work. Jeni lives and works in New York. She sells to boutiques and also has an Etsy store: See more of her work at: Jeni's Shop

An important point I want to make here is that jewelry is adornment. It's art for the costume. It's part of the costume (clothing).

If you can put a piece of jewelry together in your mind, draw it out on paper, and if it has "integrity" -- in other words, once the piece is put together, it will stay together, nothing will poke, jab or hurt the wearer, and the piece will stand up to repeated wearings -- then GO FOR IT! The only thing (after these criteria are met) that is standing in your way is a pair of pliers and your creativity.

Take care and until next time.........Pay if Forward!

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Very beautiful indeed!