Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jewelry Contest Shows Off Talent

It's always such fun and exciting to see the entries for the BB Jewelry contest. Everyone who participates sends in photographs of pieces that have lots of creativity and thought.

The decision as to who wins is never easy for me. I take a very objective approach. I try to visualize the piece in a gallery shop. Thinking of it inside a glass case with a pricey tag on it. Does it stand up? Does it have that style, elegance, quality in craftsmanship, quality in components? Does it grab my eye? Is it unique? All of those judging rules go into how I approach my decision. This month was terribly difficult because all entries were up to those standards. But, not everyone can be winners when you give three prizes and you have 34 entries.

Here are the winning entries to the April Jewelry Contest:

First Prize Winner

"Bella Luna" Necklace by Kelly Stribling

Second Prize Runner-Up

Dragonfly & Gem Necklace by Kira Shaner

2nd Prize Runner-Up

"Madeline" Bracelet by Whitney Childs

My thanks to everyone who participated in this month's contest. May is our last contest. For those who have not yet entered -- please do so. See the website, for more information. Also, visit the photos page to see the past winners and see the different BB components they used to create their winning pieces.

Until next time..........Pay it Forward! Jill

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Lor J. said...

That bracelet is absolutely stunning! The other pieces are gorgeous as well.

I wanted to show you just how much I love those little tea pots!

Check the latest post in my blog :)