Friday, April 4, 2008

Stepping into a Person's Life for a Moment

One of the most wonderful parts of my business is getting to meet people from literally all over the world. I have customers in all countries -- US, Australia, Japan, China, Lithuania, Spain, get the picture. From time to time, we get to emailing back and forth, relationships blossom and suddenly you have a new friend. Gotta love it!

"I count myselt in nothing else so happy As in a soul
rememb'ring my good friends."- William Shakespeare"

I have a new friend -- in Norway -- her name is Lorianne. She has the most wonderful website/blog that I hope you will visit. As I was viewing it (she has a video embedded), I realized that I was actually stepping into her life for a brief time. She had invited me into her home, her workplace, her classroom, her town of Trondheim, to see who she is, what she does and how she lives. How fun it was to live in Norway for five minutes -- to step into her life for just a little bit of time.

Lorianne is an incredible jewelry artist, working with clays and sparkling dusts and jewels. Be sure to check out her "gallery" too while you're there. This is a piece of her work at the left.

I want to thank Lorianne for inviting me over for "Tea Time."


Yep-- those little things. I've been searching for little lobster claw clasps and "those little things" -- connectors, actually, and I've finally found them. The clasps are on order and will be here next week. I've got the connectors in stock and haven't had time to get them onto the website yet.....but I thought you'd like to know that they actually are available.

Well, I've just learned how to center two pictures in my blog -- I didn't do it very well -- I hate inserting photos.....HELP??? Any suggestions????

That's about it for now. Until next time: Pay it forward, Jill

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Lor J. said...

How sweet of you! I'm pleased to have given you a "Lorianne" tour lol. Thanks again :)