Sunday, February 12, 2012

All the New Social Gadgets!

You know when you keep seeing new things popping up -- like Facebook, Twitter, and the like??? I most times say, "bah humbug! This will never last!" Or I might think -- "some gimmick I wish I'd thought of and now be worth 2 billion dollars!" I just don't get the Twitter, a certain amount of words to put on a web-tag?? Who's going to read that? What's that important that I need to Tweet someone in a hurry? "OH! My toast is burning" Bye for now.

Facebook I can somewhat understand and's just not for me. My life is too dull to have a website about it. And I don't have that many friends to "Like" or "Add" or whatever other options there are. I'm happy for people who enjoy this feature. My sister and her family are total Facebook Freaks..LOVE IT!! So what do I know?

Blogging -- I can do that! My biggest problem is getting myself to keep after it and promise myself, chain myself to the desk, whatever it takes to keep my vow to blog. So here I am!

Now I have to figure out what to write about. What is most exciting in my life that might uplift you, make you mad, make you laugh, or none of the above?

Not that I was a huge fan, but the death of Whitney Houston did strike at my heartstrings. Someone so sad, desperate, addicted, and having their career take a nose-dive at 47. sad.

When I hear about tragedies in peoples' lives, it makes me want to take my own inventory. You might do the same. Perhaps it will make you feel better about yourself and life in general. I have a great husband, a nice home, insurance, a car, friends, a good home business that I run with my husband -- yep! He and I work together every single day and love it. We don't have children or grandchildren -- a choice we made - but I must secretly tell you that I do miss that "part of life".

All in all, without the economy getting a little scarier each day and the state of the world being so crazy you hate to look at the news each morning, we're doing good.

See! It doesn't take long to take your own inventory to find all the good things in your life. Shake off the bad ones and keep your eye on the prize. If you work hard enough, the bad will turn into good.

Later, Jill
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