Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring in Coming, I Just Know it....

Ahhh, the sweet smell of Spring! It's around the corner. We've got cherry blossoms raining on the sidewalks, crocus and daffodils are bowing their heads in the cool sun and little squirrels are running around making homes for their new brides. Before long, we'll be outside BBQ'ing on the deck and forgetting about winter, snow and all those layers of sweaters, coats and long underwear.

Where does the time go? It just seems like yesterday I was putting away the Christmas decorations. Here we are almost announcing April. May is only a blink of the eye away.

I remember those days of getting ready for the Arts and Crafts Festival Season. I didn't really do "the circuit" but I certainly did my turn. Packing up, setting up, and breaking down. Moving on to the next. It was a great way to make much-needed income, meet some wonderful people, experiment with new techniques and broaden my own artistic abilities. I had a very talented basket-weaving friend who would join me in the different sales. We'd try to get spaces next to each other. It made sales much more fun and interesting -- being able to watch her light up when someone who really appreciated all the hard work she put into a basket buy one....thanking her for the basket. Now, that's what I call the best! If you've never tried a summer sale, you owe it to yourself to do at least one or two. It's an incredible experience and fun and a valuable lesson.

Pain is Growth! I'm still new to blogging, as you are all aware -- especially as you can see by my learning curve. I look at all the wonderful blogs out there and still don't know how it's done. I'm starting a list of "Must See Blogs" I'll keep adding to it. Send me yours and I'll add it to my list. Keep sending me photographs of your work, I'd love to add it to my blog.

Meet Gillian
Gillian Hamilton comes from the land down under
and is an extremely talented artist. As you'll see
from her blog (posted above) she is a multi-media dabbler....everything from stamping, scrapping, sewing, pasting, you name it, she does it and exquisitely so! Check out this necklace - simple and elegant. Gillian used my Festoon connector/filigree, some creamy Czech beads and chain and such a beautiful necklace emerged. Thanks for sharing this pretty, pretty piece! Visit Gillian's Etsy store at:

Well, that's about it for now. Keep making jewelry, keep sending me photos. And don't forget

Pay it forward......Jill

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And -- send your pictures for me to post on the blog!

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Gillian :O) said...

Happy Springtime to you Jill :)

in Australia we are enjoying the fresh Autumn mornings now..sooo lovely :)

Thankyou so much for featuring my necklace on your beautiful blog, what a lovely honor :)