Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rain, in Oregon?? Get out!

Oh, sure it rains here. It is supposed to. It's Oregon. But sometimes the locals forget that face and in the morning commute people drive like they have never driven in rain before. I caught the lunchtime TV news today and the lead story was about all the car wrecks during the morning rush hour. Huh?? It's not snowing, nor icing, nor sleeting. So what's the problem. I've never yet figured this out. I lived in Montana for about six years. We'd get out there in icy conditions, steady the car (without chains, I might add) and carry on like troopers. Here, in a place where rain is a common occurence, and one would think it's no biggy, we have wrecks during the morning commute. Does this happen in your community?

A Beautiful Pair of Earrings to Share!
Check out this pair of earrings submitted by my friend, Amy Hatch. She has such a way with her jewelry. These are so delicate and beautiful -- she calls them "demure".

She has used my Kimberley filigree, my leverback earwires, some icy blue bricolettes, and wrapped them in 14k gold wire....beautiful contrast!

Visit Amy's Etsy store at:

Do you have a new piece you'd like to share? Be sure to write me at I'd love to feature your work.

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