Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Studio Blew Up!?

It's Sunday, a day of rest. Right! I haven't taken a day off in six months. So much for running your own business. See blog post from March 19th. I love what I do, really I do -- it's the greatest thing in the world. Sunday, I should get to take a day off, couch-potato it on the sofa with Randy and watch some old films on TMC. Not today. My studio -- my poor, poor studio.

I don't know how your studio/work room/dining room table/kitchen bar/little nook in the corner gets after a while, but mine gets to be the Nightmare from Elm Street! There's not even a place to put a coffee cup. There are layers upon layers of baggies. I've got beads rolling everywhere. Little cups overflowing with baubles that I continually hit with my chubby little paw and then tip over and spill out onto the mass hysteria that I call my "studio bench." Ha! Somehow, though, it's controlled chaos.....I think I know where everything is. The beading wire is over to the left under that bag of blue beads. And the jumprings are right in front of me, but where are the #6's???? I've been trying to finish up an order for one of our Mansion gift stores here in Portland.....I've almost got it finished and ready for delivery but I cannot find my lobster claw clasps....I know they are here, I just know it.

So, today instead of plopping I'll be in there cleaning up that mess. Putting everything back in it's little bin, tray, box, fishing tackle box cubbie. I'll be rolling up the miles of beading wire that's been unfurled, sorting out the colorful crystals that have co-mingled these past few weeks, and maybe even see the top of the table by the end of the day. Hey! I might even find those darn lobster claw clasps and get those necklaces finished.....

Pay it Forward.

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Gillian :O) said...

heeeheee....sounds a little like my studio ;)
I hope you get time to put your feet up even if it's just for an hour :)