Friday, March 21, 2008

Ain't Fridays Just IT!!?

I work hard all week long and when Friday comes, it's almost like a party in my soul! I get up ready to hit the street running. Even though I still have the entire day to work, I feel like a little kid waiting for a party to start. Anyway TGIF! We made it once again.

VINTAGE BUTTON ALERT....I was emailing with someone just recently who had asked me about vintage buttons but I cannot remember who it was. Oh, I found some beauties. A "BB" friend, Gillian Hamilton from Australia, has some vintage buttons in her Etsy Store: So, be sure to check them out if you are interested in picking some up for creative purposes. They are quite beautiful and very reasonably priced! Thanks, Gillian.

Like a Kid In a Candy Store! I think another reason I've been jazzed is I've been buying lots of new brass and I'm having so much fun getting it ready to show. Here's a little 3-D telephone charm -- cute, cute, cute! I've got this sweet teapot charm as well. This weekend I'll be adding "Inspirational" tags. Anyway, I hope you get a kick out of the new pieces that will be showing up this weekend.

New Jewelry Creations and Welcome Kathy!
New "BB" Friend, Kathy Noda, comes to us from Florida. She's been making jewelry for about three years. She experimented and learned many different types of art forms as a girl and young adult taught through the loving care of great-grandmother, grandmother, school teachers, aunt and mother. Her sister introduced her to beading and it all fell into place. She was hooked. Now she has an Etsy store and loves what she is doing.

Look at the earrings Kathy has made recently....Purple is one of my most favorite colors so these captured me immediately. She's used my 10mm filigree beads, my leverback earwires, miscellaneous findings and some luscious purple crystals and additional beadcaps. Beautiful! Be sure to visit Kathy's store at:

And Finally.....Isn't he just the cutest! Like Paula babbled..."I wanna hang him from my rearview mirror!"
Have a great weekend everybody and remember.
Pay it Forward.

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