Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Charmed Life!

My dear E-Friend, Gillian, -- from down under, Australia, sent me the most fun photograph! They have a charm swap where she lives.....what a blast. She's the most amazing about talented. I've got her blog posted in my "Fav's" and you must visit it to see all the many mediums she is skilled in.....awesome!

So she wrote and ordered 30 (I think) one-inch brass charms. I couldn't in my mind figure out what she'd want them for and she didn't tell me. Yesterday came the answer.....check this out!

I think these are so darn cute. She also embellished the inch ruler with metric markings?? Help me somebody!

What a great idea to have a group of people with whom you share a passion and have a swap of some sort: earrings, keychains, bookmarks, cookies, salad -- something not terribly expensive but lots of fun to see what others made with the same rules and goals.

Thanks so much, Gillian, for sending me the picture and sharing your life in the other part of the world! How wonderful.

In the Store:

I've added an Elongated, 6x11 mm chain. I've still got the 5.5 x 8mm fine oval (smooth & etched) coming next week, along with the 10mm round -- so hang in there!

I'm also starting adding a variety of religous/rosary pieces. I know there are some of you who make some beautiful rosaries and I hope to have pieces for you that you will find worthy of your work. I will have more coming in the next week or's a sample of one of the crosses.

Well -- not much more for today. Looks like we have a beautiful day shaping up in Oregon!

Until next time: Pay it Forward!


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