Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Color Influences for 2008-2009

I've been doing some peeking around the Color-Forecasting websites and it's looking really interesting!

They always start out with the same things:
THREE PRIMARY COLORS. That's right....those magical colors we all learned about when we were little children. They take those colors and begin mixing. Adding a smidgen of this and a tad of that and before long they've come up with "Rattan Creme" and "Zhun Gold" and "Old Bronze" -- you get the drift.

Committees come from all over the world and play with color. They use spices, paints, swatches of fabric, flowers, dishes, make-up, beads, foods -- whatever they can put their hands on that has color. They refine, mix, and come up with new, distilled colors that really are not all that different from colors of the past. They are just a new spin on blue, red and yellow. What a great job! Sign me up.

So Here's the Scoop....

1. Metallics will go warmer. Look for warmer shades -- coppery, deep brass, bronze-y tones -- to prevail. YeaH for Antique Brass!

2. Globalism continues to inspire our love for ethnic accent colors. They’re coming to us from India, China and Latin America. To Moroccan reds and glowing oranges, add rosy pinks, sunny golden yellows and ochre/tumeric colors.

3. People want things they wear and things they use now to look "green," no matter what color they are. In 2008-2009, looking stylish means looking natural. Materials will look hand-made, un-dyed and unbleached. Products will look more like what they're actually made of, with lots of texture and all the natural imperfections proudly showing through. Off-whites, sandy and linen-y colors, rock and soil colors, brownish-greens – the colors of nature are seriously fashionable now.

Once Again -- another YeaH! for vintage-aged and antique jewelry...we're on the cutting edge...who would have thunk it....we're still growing in popularity.

BEADS! What Have I Done!?????

What I have done is gone out and bought a ton of beads. They will soon show up on the website in handy little bags. I've ordered Bell-Shaped beads in oodles of colors. I've ordered Picasso's in oodles of colors. I've gone a bit bead crazy!

Oh! And I have also purchased an entire new collection of seed bead mixes from ToHo beads.....They are luscious color mixes. I hope you'll love them as much as I do. They are gorgeous!
Well -- that's about it for now. I've got so much to do: Orders to process. Brass to patina. Folks to email. And it's going to be another scorcher in Portland, Oregon!
Until next time: Pay it forward! -- Jill
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