Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Sale at the Brass Bouquet!

Yes -- Indeed! I've got a SALE going at the Brass Bouquet until JUNE 20TH! Get on over there for discounts findings, charms, filigree, chains and what-nots!

Full-Time Employment
Part 3: "Elegant Negotiables"

There is a term in the legal world called "Elegant Negotiables." When tapping out settlements and money is getting tight, but a settlement is not quite there, a side will put on the table an "elegant negotiable." It's not something worth a lot of money, not terribly fancy or important but it seals the deal.

In our business of dealing with shop owners and trying to get our foot in the door, or having a really successful booth at a craft fair, or an incredible Etsy store, we need to have an edge that nudges us beyond our competition. Sometimes an "elegant negotiable" might be what we need.

Example: I was in a gift shop once giving my sales pitch to the buyer and I was showing her a beautiful necklace I had made with lampwork beads, sterling silver, etc. She knew nothing about lampwork beads or how they were made. She was aghast at the wholesale price of the necklace (no doubt!) I was losing her and I needed to add this shop to my account list.

Then my brain kicked in. I said: "How would you like me to make up a nice little sign that can go in the jewelry case explaining the time and talent it takes to make lampwork beads. I can add a photograph of a lampwork artist, etc. And on my hang-tag, I'll even add a little explanation of lamp work? This will show your customers the value of a lampwork bead if they don't already know about it." She thought for a moment and said "I LIKE IT!" I was in the store as a vendor.....hoo raw!

The sign cost me literally nothing to make. My hangtags cost me nothing to change and print. Yet, she was getting some important marketing material which would help her sell an expensive necklace in her shop. And it did -- this was a very successful marketing tool. I sold lampwork necklaces, bracelets and earrings in her shop. "Elegant Negotiable!"

I'm sure if you think about it, you can come up with some yourself: Gift Boxes, complimentary sizing, special orders, changing out wires for clips, printing up information about the type of jewelry findings you use (many customers love to know what the artist is using in their jewelry creations), a freebie of some sort with every necklace or bracelet purchase (look in your stash, you must have something you'd love to get rid of.)

The point is, you can make seal a deal or make a sale and make someone feel really good about it for not too much extra expense or trouble. It's a win-win for both you and your customer or shop owner. Kinda cool, huh???

Another Quickie Jewelry Piece:

I made this for my sister, Kim, in about 10 minutes. I've taken my Large Swallow Connector, some Best Everyday Chain, some Pearl Chain, and a Swirl Clasp and made the CUTEST necklace! Then I took some of the small swallow connectors, some freshwater pearls and some of my Everyday Earwires and made matching! How simple and easy.

These are very easy projects to make and you can sell them either wholesale or retail and make a nice little profit. You can change them up and make them your own. I don't mind you using this design -- but hopefully you'll use this as a jump board for designs exclusive to you!

That's about it for now! Please write me -- share your ideas and experiences. I'm sure all of us would like to see how your business has grown by the ideas you've used.

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And until next time......Pay It Forward!

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