Monday, June 16, 2008

Cleaning Up My Life!

I took a look at my stash the other day and almost fainted. How much money is tied up in those boxes of beads, charms, findings, doo-dads, lampwork beads.....oh I could retire on the investment in those boxes! I have five of these boxes in my studio and a large cardboard box in the garage....yikes!

I really must take control....get those beads and stuff and fluff and findings and all, bag them up into "serving" sizes and open a de-stash shop and start gaining some control over my life and my studio. There's got to be people out there who would love to get there hands on turkey leg charms, huh??? Turkey leg charms? What?? Huh? Yep, I've got 'em. And those enameled leaf charms and all that memory wire.....and, and, and...... alright, calm down. It's going to be ok.

But wait....look! There are those beautiful little coral beads I used to make a necklace for my friend about five years ago. She still wears that necklace.

There are only about four or five of those beads banging around in the bottom of this box, but they bring back some fond memories of planning the necklace, choosing the beads (these beads!), working on the necklace board and then adding an expensive real sterling silver was such a joy to create. And I was so proud of how well it turned out.

Do I really need to give these little coral beads away? I think I'll just put these beads in this box over here. And so it goes. Another stash box has been born. But I promise the other stuff has GOT TO GO! But wait...look! There's that beautiful pendant I bought to make a...........

Oh -- and the turkey leg charms? That was during my wine glass charms-making days.

That's about it for Monday.....hope you have a great day! And remember: Pay it Forward! -- Jill

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GreenErica said...

This post is hilarious! Can I come up there and help you "clean" it up!?!?