Monday, July 18, 2011

I Just Don't Get It

Over the weekend I was doing my regular life stuff: cleaning, shopping, cooking, trying to do a little reading, you know -- that sort of stuff.

I was looking through one of my jewelry magazines and was really struck with the pricing of merchandise (charms, chain, findings, gems and alike) and started doing some comparison shopping again. So, here's the part I do not understand. Why does a customer see an item (let's say a angel charm). The charm retails at one shop for $2.00, another shop for $2.25, and my shop -- The Brass Bouquet -- for $1.10. It's the same brass, the same manufacturer who cast the brass. Our finishes are similar (actually my finish is's not muddy or so dull that you are unable to see the design in the charm.

Why do buyers gravitate towards an item which is the same but the price sometimes is up to 82% cheaper at my shop? My husband and I got into quite a theoretical discussion about it. We must have crunched numbers and talked about it and screened other websites for three hours. We could not come up with a logical answer.

Being a frugal little shopper that I am, I am always trying to find a good deal be it clothing, food, toiletries, tickets to a theater, motel rooms -- I go the distance. So I do get confused and befuddled when I see this counter action going on. Is there something I'm missing that everybody else is seeing that I don't????

Well, that's it for now. I hope everybody is enjoying their summer days and the weather is groovy where you are. It's been raining here for a week!! -- Tata, Jill

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Alice said...

Jill, it's probably not just one thing.

Possibly the buyers buy from where they always buy since they know the seller and are comfortable with their products and know their reputation.

Or they simply haven't heard of your shop yet. It takes time to get the word out, and even then 'just building it' doesn't mean they will come in droves.

Some may shop only at sites that offer free shipping. This can be a big deal as the shipping alone can sometimes more than offset the higher cost.

There are probably many more reasons. You probably already know to get the word out via ads in beading and craft magazines etc.

Maybe you could offer a special giveaway on a few jewelry artist's blogs.

I know its difficult to try and figure out why people don't buy, and also very frustrating.

Best of luck!