Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nook -- It's like a Book!

Last weekend my husband and I went and purchased a couple of Nooks from Barnes & Noble Bookstore. We were so excited as the demo guy was doing his thing and fast-as-lightening showing us how everything worked and what we could do with our new Nook! You'll never have to visit the library again because you can even download a book from the library right into your NOOK. Fantastic?? Amazing?? Incredible?? Yes....but not quite as fast and effortless as he explained.

However, after we spent a few hours fighting with the darn thing, going to the library with the Nooks and finding the sweetest-in-the-world reference librarian to help us, we were on our way. What we thought was so funny is that if you want to purchase a book or magazine from Barnes & Noble to your Nook, it literally takes the push of one button. B&N gets money!!! Aha, it's a profit deal!! But try to download a book from the library and you almost need an Act of Congress to get it done. Luckily, however, after the help from the librarian and help from B&N's troubleshooting crew, we are off and running and enjoying them very much.

Here is the major problem I believe caused the problems in the first place....WE'RE OLD!!! We are not 16 years old! I watch the TV commercials for all the new I-Pads, I-Phones, heck -- I'm not sure what all that stuff is -- but the teens, boy do they know their stuff and they are leaving us in the dust. Was I ever that 'with it'?? Did I ever know everything? I thought I did but today is so different. So many electronic gadgets, thing-a-ma-jigs. And they are all so extreme, so expensive and so mesmerizing. I think it's much worse than the Chatty Cathy days. OMG, did I just date myself or what??? I guess it would be nice if we could slow things down just a tad. Let children be children -- girls making mud pies in the back yard and boys being boys (hmmm.....that is scary!)

I wish all the high-tech stuff wasn't being plastered over every inch of life. For goodness sake, pick up a book.....or should I say Nook? and read a good story! (I know. I fell into the pit with the vipers, didn't I?) Well, heck -- I'm over a certain age now and I've earrrrrrrrned it!!


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