Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If Life Were a Fairie Tea Party!

I have met many wonderful people all over the world through my business. I've mentioned before my friend, Lorianne, who lives in Norway. She's an incredible clay artist who makes jewelry like you've never seen before. Please visit her website if you get the chance. It's listed in my Blogs along the sidebar. She calls her site Plumevine. And the site is a work of art as well. She sent me a photograph of a little tea party she made using my brass teapot charm. It's so cute! So, I'm sharing it for you all to see.

She made the little fairies, dressed them in adorable outfits, glittered them with fairie dust -- the works! Thank you so much for your gifts, Lorianne. You are amazing!

Another Photograph from A Friend to Share: This comes from Lisa Quinn. What a bracelet! Lisa loves lampwork beads and has a few torch artists from whom she buys. She found these gorgeous beads and combined them artfully with some BB Findings. I think this bracelet rocks!

I was delighted to see her use of Curleez. I had told Lisa once in a phone conversation I thought it would be fun to have a contest for best use of Curleez, Squiggles and Heart Curlz. I sell a bazillion of them and hadn't really seen them in final jewelry pieces. Here she used them as connectors for all the crystals in the bracelet....very clever and attractive! And she used one simple "Imagine" tag as almost a signature tag.....gotta love it! I can just imagine what this bracelet must feel like to wear. Thanks so much, Lisa, for sharing your art and talent with us.

Well.....gotta get to it. I have work to do!
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