Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blogging on the Half-Shell

Funny little title.

It's what came to mind as I sat down this morning to write. I guess it's because I've not written since July 2! And I've been trying so hard to sit down and do some writing.

Since June 6th, this Summer has been the pits! Everything that could go wrong, has:

1) My sister came and went, with mixed reviews;

2) Hubster's been in the hospital three times. Thank God, he's better!

3) Website Shopping Cart has caused me nothing but grieve....and still is!

4) Drill press broke down, still cannot get it fixed, so I'm getting a new one! Oh boy!

But.....the best thing about all of this is: "I'm still here!" That's a great line from a movie called "Postcards from the Edge." It's a song that Shirley McClain sings about all the horrible things that happen to her on Broadway and yet..."I'm Still Here!"

NEW PATINAS! I've been "Cooking in the Lab" working on some new patinas for our chains. I'm getting some good results. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll begin sending out snippets with orders for some opinions and suggestions.

Speaking of Chain! I've added a beautiful 3.5 mm Rollo Chain to the store, It's very elegant and easy to work with.

LOCKET LOVERS....This is for YOU!

This Beautiful Locket "set" has not been produced in over 20 years. There are only limited quantities left. It has an exquisite filigree front and solid brass back. It comes with celluloid oval covers, oval papers and brass rims for your photos on the inside (see photo above). The size is 38mm x 33mm. It can be found at the website in our Pendant section.

Well.....I guess that's it for now. I've got brass to Patina.

Take care, please write me at
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And remember..........."Pay it Forward." -- Jill

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LiisaAnn said...

hi Jill! how are you? that locket is just so beautiful, i love it! that picture of the chemist at work cracks me up! what a riot.
take care.