Monday, January 26, 2009

"Scarlett's Style" Jewelry Challenge!

So many jewelry challenges -- so little time! I was recently contacted by Scarlett Lanson, a contributing editor for Beadwork Magazine. She is an incredible beading artist who has a column in Beadwork each issue.

She has begun a most incredible opportunity for those interested in getting in on Jewelry Challenges! It's called "Use the Muse."

SO WHAT IS THE MUSE ANYWAY? The MUSE is the central component in Scarlett's contest! Each participant will purchase a contest kit, with an assortment of stunning beads, from crystals, to pearls, to seed beads, and more. From this kit, they will create their own design entry. They are allowed to use as much or as little of the kit as they choose, and are encouraged to incorporate their own beads and elements to create the most unique piece possible. The main rule however, is that they must USE THE MUSE. The MUSE is a mystery component that participants do not get to see until their kit package arrives in the mail! It is a design element that is carefully chosen to be interesting and usable by both stringers and beadweavers. The element complements the rest of the contest kit and may be a focal, pendant, art bead, or unique design component.

The Prizes are INCREDIBLE! Click into Scarlett's Website to see the prizes she has put together. Tons of gorgeous Swarovski crystals, palettes to make the eyes pop! Along with some very specially chosen Brass Bouquet elements.

If you are interested in challenges and have always wanted to join in -- don't be intimidated....this one is easy, inexpensive and FUN!

Until Next time....keep on Beading, Stringing and Creating!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to vote for Maureen's earrings. They are fun and I love the design.