Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brass Bouquet Challenge Entry!

Here is another entry into the Brass Bouquet Jewelry Challenge. Deadline is January 31 -- so get to snapping those photos and sending them in.

EARRING CATEGORY: This entry is from Kathy Noda of Florida. Kathy has used the Scrolled Filigree Ring in a layered affect which moves and swings along with our hammered rings as the earrings are worn.

Kathy's description: Garnets Accent Earrings With Round Filigrees and Pounded Brass Rings. Beautiful Deep Pomegranate Red 6mm Garnets are showcased with Lacy Brass Filigrees and Pounded Brass Rings.

Email your photos to: brassbouquet@comcast.net
Visit the store at: http://www.brassbouquet.com/
And, until next time: "Pay it forward." -- Jill

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