Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snowed In: Jewelry Contest, Part 2

Ok, so it's the holidays and I have my assistant who is down with a terrible cold, we've had a huge snow and ice storm that has crippled the Portland-Metro Area and I'm having to work double-duty in the office plus pull orders.

So...........I didn't get back with the simple component you'll need when creating your jewelry design. Ta it is:

It's the new Scrolled Filigree Ring I've added recently. Simple, elegant, easy to work with -- versatile too. And it has this beautiful floral-scroll design in it. Lots of potential! (and cheap! $1.65 each)

Finally, the rules are: Something with purples, plums, pinks, deep reds -- anything in the Purple Family. And using at least one of these rings.

Go for it and best of luck to those who enter. Remember, I'll want to post your photos here at the blog and have readers (all 10 of you!!) decide on the winning design.

Until next time....Pay it Forward

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