Friday, November 21, 2008

Freaking Out on a Friday

I have signed myself up for a Holiday Bazaar at a local church. I'm suppose to sell some jewelry. Accck! What did I think I was doing. As much as I adore the process of designing and making jewelry, time for me is so cramped....I barely have time to make my treasured cup of coffee.

The sale is in two weeks...Accck! I have three necklaces and a dozen pairs of earrings and I've got an eight foot table to fill. Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I'm freaking out!!!

I cannot go empty-handed. I've paid a table fee and everything. My girlfriend, Marj, has an adjoining table. I call her "McGyver of Crafting" as she can take a piece of old chewing gum, a bent coathanger, and a twig from the backyard and make a wreath that sells for $50.00! She's a genius and a legend in the crafting world. I love her but she will not be showing me up come December 5th.

I gripped my pliers steady in my hand and I faced my studio workbench. With determination in my heart and soul I opened up all my creative juices and came up with: Ta-Da. Nothing. Jill -- this cannot be so hard. You've been making jewelry for 25 years. You can do this!

I began opening up all my findings bins and furiously began tossing everything onto the bench. What first caught my eye was a Festoon pendant/connector. Starting with such an elegant little do-dad, how hard can it be to come up with a necklace with this little guy? I need some chain, a few jumprings, some crystals and a rosebud: Hey! I've got a necklace!

This is generally how I end up making jewelry -- in a heat of hurry and desperation. I remember the old days when I'd pull out the necklace board, take time going through bead selection, measuring inches and beads and laying it out all ready to string. Ahh... Those days are gone, at least for now. I design on the fly! Hey, I even made a pair of earrings to match.

So I'm on my way. The pliers are flying, clicking that sweet sound of jumprings snapping into place. I'm up to four necklaces and 13 pair of earrings. I'll be at this all day, but I'll have a table full by the night's end.

Until next time: Pay it forward. -- Jill

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